This week in Xi Lambda: January 24, 2022

This Week in ΞΛICE COLD Winter Prayer Breakfast Moved to Feb 26th, Xi Lambda History Factoid, 4400 Honorary Block Naming Effort, 2022 Chapter Membership Online Renewal Links, Planet Fitness Offer, and CDC Guidelines for the Fully Vaccinated,XLC closed for in-person events (January 2022)

Due to the rise in Covid infections in the State of Illinois, the XLC will be closed for in-person events during the month of January.

The Executive Committee Meeting and Chapter Meeting will be held virtually via Zoom.ICE COLD Prayer Breakfast
rescheduled for Feb 26, 2022

4400 King Drive Block Honorary Street Naming

An effort has begun to have an honorary street naming of the 4400 block of King Drive in honor of Alpha Phi Alpha. If you live in, own property or own a business in the 3rd Ward/Bronzeville, we need your support!Please contact Bro. Charles Smoot at [email protected] with your name, email address, and address of where you home/property/business is located so you can be added to the list and be sent information on how you can help with this endeavor!Xi Lambda Centennial Celebration SurveyXi Lambda is approaching 100 years of service to Chicago. 100 years of tireless service, 100 years of dedication to underprivileged communities, and 100 years of brotherly love amongst its members. As much as you’ve given to Xi Lambda Chapter, the Centennial celebration is being designed to give to you by honoring our past, our present and our future. To accomplish this, we’d like to hear from you, Brother. We have one simple question. What does your Centennial celebration look like to you?
Complete the Centennial Survey2022 Xi Lambda Chapter Dues Online PaymentsXi Lambda Chapter operates on a Fiscal Year of January 1 – December 31Any person joining Xi Lambda for the first time (since the year 2008) will have to pay the Chapter Housing Assessment. This assessment is a one-time charge.  Currently, the Housing Assessment is $250.00  The entire assessment is tax-deductible.A Brother will only be considered financial with Xi Lambda Chapter if they have either paid the balance of their dues in full or are on an authorized and active Chapter Payment Plan.  Chapter dues are independent of any fees or assessments charged by the General Office, Midwestern Region, District of Illinois or other Fraternity entity. Currently, Xi Lambda Chapter dues are $350.00 per year ($215.00 of the $350.00 is tax-deductible)

2022 Chapter DuesTo pay your 2022 chapter dues ($350) online via the following link.
The total amount charged will be $363.16.Pay 2022 Xi Lambda Chapter Dues One-time Housing Assessment
To pay the one-time housing assessment ($250), please use the following link
The total amount charged will be $259.55Pay One-time Housing AssessmentChapter Dues and One-time Housing Assessment
To pay 2022 chapter dues and the one-time housing assessment, please use the following link
The total amount charged will be $622.20Pay Chapter Dues and Housing AssessmentChapter Payment Plan
Please contact the Financial Secretary (Craig Turner – [email protected]) to receive a copy of the Payment Plan form.
Please note: The Payment Plan must be completed by October 2022Send Check or Money Order
Please make all checks or money orders payable to:

Xi Lambda Chapter

Our mailing address is:Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Xi Lambda ChapterP.O. Box 201361Chicago, IL 60620Xi Lambda History Factoid

Brother Lloyd Augustus Hall
Lloyd Augustus Hall was born on 20 June 1894, in Elgin, Illinois. He attended college at Northwestern University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Hall’s most notable achievements came while he was a consultant to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. He was responsible for many of the meat curing products, seasonings, emulsions, bakery products, antioxidants, protein hydrolysates, and other substances that keep food fresh and flavorful. Brother Hall developed a successful combination of complex chemical salt that has proved to be the most satisfactory curing salt marketed in this country. He developed new processes for the sterilization of spices, cereals, other food materials, and pharmaceuticals, which are widely used today. While at Northwestern, Brother Hall was initiated into Theta chapter on 15 Mar 1913 and he became one of the founding members of the Xi Lambda Chapter on 15 May 1924.

Source Alphalegacy1906: and Brother Chuck Smoot.Brothers, don’t forget about the Black Card Membership offer from Planet Fitness!  Please contact Health and Wellness Chair Brother Kevin Baskins if you have any questions.

The 2022 Xi Lambda Wellness Challenge is approaching!

If you supported our chapter as an active member in 2020 and have not received your mask, please contact Bro President Sims or Brother Vice President Ali.

Interim Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People